Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we hold about you, how we collect it, and how we use and may share information about you. It relates to any personal information we receive from via:

  • Website:
  • Social Pages: social media pages for “Max La Manna”
  • Contact Channels: where you provide or submit your personal information to us by email, phone, on social media, or in person

It also relates to any personal information you provide or submit to us by email, phone, SMS, on social media (for example in response to a competition or promotion), in Messenger, in letters and in person.

Please do not send us any information that you don’t want us to have, or any private information about you, your family or your friends. And don’t reveal very private, special, or sensitive information about you, including your health, religion or race/ethnicity.

There may be other privacy policies or terms and conditions that apply to certain services we provide or promotions/competitions we run. Please always read these when you participate in these promotions or register for these services.