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My mission is to turn the tide on rubbish and breathe new energy into the leftovers that are typically destined for the bin, to reconnect food with our planet in a simple, positive way and challenge us to live more sustainably each day.



This Instagram star chef will inspire you to cook vegan and zero-waste in 2019


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New York City

New York, New York - if you're already humming the Frank Sinatra song you're in the right place, because Max La Manna's sustainable city guide to the Big Apple is just as much of a love letter.



Plastic Bags to Be Banned in New York; Second Statewide Ban, After California

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The Importance Of Water

Do you ever think about water and how it is the basis of all life? If you could save 65% more water every time you shower, would you?


How to Make Oat Milk and 5 Other Low Waste Milk Recipes

Max La Manna shares 6 simple ways to make milk with less waste, including oat milk and almond milk, to help reduce your plastic waste at home.


Zero Waste Broccoli Stem Fusilli - Two Ways

Vegan, zero waste chef and Eco-Age contributor Max La Manna shares two ways to work your leftover broccoli stem into a delicious pasta dish.


Food For Thought: The Truth About Food Waste

Zero waste chef Max La Manna discusses the impact of food waste on the environment and shares his tips for how to start reducing your waste at home.


How To Make Zero Waste Pasta

Not only is making pasta at home delicious and fun, it also reduces the amount of single-use plastic that, sadly, the majority of store bought pasta is wrapped in.


Life As I Know It

Zero waste chef and Eco-Age contributor Max La Manna shares his journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, and how embracing change has created new opportunities along the way.

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Best Vegan Restaurants In New York City

Love it or hate it, New York City has some of the world’s best restaurant destinations - and if you’re vegan you’re also in luck. New York City has been infiltrated with an abundance of vegan restaurants that plant-lovers and carnivores alike must try.

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How To Travel Plastic Free

Whether you're driving, battling British Rail or taking a long-haul flight, travelling can be rife with single-use plastic if you're not prepared for it. Zero waste advocate Max La Manna shares his tips for travelling without plastic.